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9 Tips to relax and re-energize your body, mind and soul
10 February 2009 03:15 am
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Conscious breathing: If your daily activities put you in a stressful and overwhelming state, pause in between and make a conscious effort to breath deeply. It is the easiest and least time consuming way to de-stress and put you at ease.

Stop whatever you are doing and breathe in deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds and let it out through your mouth. Repeat the exercise a couple of times and you should feel better.

Your brain needs oxygen and by making this a habit, you are giving it the food it requires and you enhance your thinking capacity.

Stretching relaxes tense muscles. Stretch after exercise, at work, upon waking up and before you go to bed. If your job takes a lot of sitting down and having to face the computer all day, you need to stretch regularly to avoid aches and strains. Your joints need to loosen up and you should allow your blood circulation to flow smoothly. Yoga and Pilates are a combination of proper breathing and stretching.

Exercise and physical activities reduce stress and release built up emotions. Brisk walking about 30 minutes a day is a relaxing activity. It is a known fact that exercising promotes physical and mental health.

By getting yourself physically active, you are able to look and feel good about your body. This helps build your confidence and esteem. You can get your children and spouse to join and it helps improve your relationship.

Meditate or pray.
This activity allows you to quiet your mind and nourishes your soul. It takes practice to silence your inner talks but you can do it by focusing on the flow of your breaths and letting go of any interruption.

Put aside a few minutes each day to be alone and undisturbed. Put yourself at ease and close your eyes. Just be.

Get sufficient sleep.

It doesn't matter how long you sleep. What's important is that you get sufficient amount. In order to have undisturbed sleep, avoid caffeine related drinks, heavy meals and worrying prior to it.

Listening to soothing music or inspiring recordings would induce you to a calm state. When your mind is at ease before you get into deep sleep, you will get a good rest and wake up energized.

Remove negative pictures from your mind and replace them with positive visualizations. Your imaginations are instructions to your mind and you should make use of this state prior to sleep to reprogram it.

Pamper yourself.
Once a week, pamper yourself and relax with body or foot massage. You can also pamper yourself at home by dipping yourself in the bathtub, with soft music, soothing atmosphere, scented candles and essential oils. Then cuddle with your spouse in front of the tube and watch a romantic movie. Make love tenderly. There is no need to rush.

Change your environment. Once a month, go to the beach or do whatever that gives you excitement. Walk barefoot, watch the night sky or the sunrise and sunset.

Writing helps in many ways. Jot down your thoughts, ideas, emotions and plans. Release your emotions through writing. Save time by planning your days on paper.

Watch your participation in life by jotting them down and viewing what you have done. Understand yourself and others by writing your observations. There are lots you can learn about your life and that of others through writing.

Read books that stimulate your mind. Read poems. Read a good book before you go to sleep just like how your parents read to you when you were a child. It's comforting.

Get a hobby.
Crossword and jigsaw puzzles are great mental exercise. Although your mind is occupied to find the solution or to put the pieces together, it is a concentrated effort. You will become absorbed and forget about the worries of the day.

Try fishing, knitting or any other hobby that you enjoy doing and allow you to refocus and divert you from your daily grinds.

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