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07 June 2008 04:04 am
A rich 80-year-old Indian widow has spent thousands of dollars on a feast for 100,000 people in the hope it would please the gods and open the doors of heaven for her, local officials said.

21 May 2008 04:04 am
A cat chasing a mouse in Tirana's main power station caused a 72-hour blackout across parts of the Albanian capital, the electricity company said.

19 April 2008 01:32 am
A hypnotist from West Sussex has undergone surgery on his right hand without a general anaesthetic. Alex Lenkei, 61, from Worthing, chose to sedate himself by hypnosis before undergoing the 83-minute operation.

11 April 2008 12:25 am
The Simpsons has been dropped from morning TV in Venezuela after being deemed unsuitable for children - and has been replaced by Baywatch. The popular US cartoon about the yellow dysfunctional family was branded "inappropriate" and pulled by the country's television authorities.

05 April 2008 01:40 am
A woman has been rescued from the jaws of a saltwater crocodile in Australia after her husband jumped onto its back and forced it to flee. The attack took place in the Litchfield National Park near Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.

05 April 2008 01:38 am
Ten thousand camels will be fluttering their long eyelashes in a unique international beauty pageant being held in the United Arab Emirates. The contest in Abu Dhabi is one of the richest and biggest events of its kind, with more than $9m (£4.5m; 5.8m euros) and 100 cars in prizes up for grabs.

28 March 2008 07:55 am
A judge in the US state of Pennsylvania has ordered three Spanish-speaking men to learn English or go to jail.

25 March 2008 06:37 am
Attendance at a Buddhist temple in Japan has increased since the temple's pet, a two-year-old dog, has joined in the daily prayers. Conan, a Chihuahua, sits on his hind legs, raises his paws and puts them together at the tip of his nose.

21 March 2008 06:09 am
A Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologist who was ice fishing at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir recently managed to catch a Mackinaw trout which he likely put there in 1983 while stocking the water, after noticing one of its fins was clipped.

21 March 2008 05:15 am
LOS ANGELES, California - Willie Earl Green walked out of a California courtroom as a free man Thursday after serving nearly 25 years in prison for the execution-style murder of a Los Angeles woman, which he insists he never committed.

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