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Just in time for Christmas, we take a look at some of the most extreme gingerbread houses and sculptures. From record-breakers to royal gingerbread, check out the most impressive structures built with this favourite festive treat.

A copy of the first issue of Action Comics, featuring Superman's debut, has become the world's most expensive comic, fetching $2.16m (£1.4m).

Photos show Liu Bolin nearly disappearing into the scenery, and without the help of computers.No, you're not looking at a Predator. This is Liu Bolin, also known as 'China's Invisible Man,' who specializes in camouflage body-paintings. The seamless blending-in with his environment is the result of hours of painstaking work.

Ever fancied trying to help set a world record? Britains have already been part of the largest cream tea party (334 people) and the most amount of people to fit in a single pair of pants (57) to mark Guinness World Records Day.

Sotheby's set a world record for the sale of a yellow diamond this week with the auction of the Sun-Drop Diamond for 11.2 million Swiss francs ($12.4 million).

The tooth fairy's trash became another man's treasure Saturday when a discolored molar that once belonged to John Lennon was put up for auction.

The iTree turns an ordinary log into one of the most unusual iPhone accessories out there. iTree iPhone dock by KMKG Studio Price: $15,000

Living to 100 is a goal, a privilege, and, let's face it, a nearly impossible task. It's a destination few can reach or even imagine.

Doug Niblack has spent this week sharing a fantastic story about his accidental surfing episode atop the back of a great white shark. He was paddling his surfboard Monday off Oregon when a large shark struck his board from below, knocking him onto the predator.

The world's most expensive dessert which has been cooked-up with the eye watering price tag of £22,000. Styled like a Faberge Easter egg the extravagant chocolate pud is believed to have broken all previous records thanks to its pricey list of ingredients which includes gold, champagne caviar and a two carat diamond.

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