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A construction worker sweeps up as the final touches are completed on 'Comedy Carpet' by British artist Gordon Young, the latest art installation on Blackpool's promenade. 'Comedy Carpet' is a giant map immortalising the UK's favourite comedians and comic writers from the hey Day of music hall to 21st century stand up and adorns the new Festival Headland beneath Blackpool Tower.

Days after a pregnant woman in Chicago finished a full marathon before giving birth, a London man was stripped of a third-place finish in a marathon after it was discovered he caught a bus for the final five miles of the race.

Three-hundred fifty-seven. That's the number of women it took for Australia on Sunday to seize the record from the Cayman Islands for the largest bikini parade.

Move your head around, and the circular pattern in the center will appear to move independently of its surroundings.It seems to float.

In an act of physical irony, a $3,000 Tata Nano has been encrusted in $4.6 million worth of gold and gemstones.

It may be the most expensive drink ever.

A Japanese girl has thanked a US sailor in Hawaii for finding a bottle she had tossed into the sea off Japans southern coast as a child, and is delighted to be reconnected with her old classmates as a result.

Peter Glazebrook from Newark, England, holds his record-breaking giant onion that weighed in at 8.150kg in the heaviest onion competition to claim a place in the Guinness book of World Records.

For the billionaire who has everything, sometimes a superyacht just isn't enough that's why the world's wealthiest are buying "gigayachts."

MANILA, Philippines Villagers and veteran hunters have captured a one-ton saltwater crocodile which they plan to make the star of a planned ecotourism park in a southern Philippine town, an official said Monday.

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