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In Jamie Oliver's campaign for healthier school lunches, butter has a bullseye. In 2009, he demanded schools in the UK drastically reduce the amount of fatty patties on lunch trays. Wonder what he would think of the New York State Fair's recently unveiled butter sculpture, an homage to "school nutrition professionals."

A man in a rowing boat floats near a 'mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss on Alster lake in Hamburg in the late evening August 3, 2011. The four-metre-high sculpture dubbed "Riesen-Nixe" (grand mermaid) or "Badenixe" (bathing beauty) will be on display until August 12.

The record for the world's tallest building is set to be broken yet again this time by the bin Laden family.

A hat that created a stir when Britain's Princess Beatrice wore it to last month's royal wedding sold for more than $130,000 Sunday in an online auction to benefit charities for children.

What more could a city do? In an effort to woo a Google high-speed internet project, the Kansas capital of Topeka last year changed its name to Google, Kansas, for a month.

A 1932 painting by Picasso sold for $40 million at auction Tuesday over $10 million more than the highest pre-sale estimate.

Chinese "Icemen" Chen Kecai and Jin Songhao stand immersed in ice during a cold endurance competition in Zhangjiajie, central China's Hunan Province, Jan. 3, 2010.

Runners dressed as Santa Claus take part in a race in the center of Belgrade, Serbia, Dec. 26, 2010.

Spain's El Gordo, or "the fat one," annual Christmas lottery paid a hefty $3 billion in prize money on Wednesday to thousands of people testing their luck in Spain's deep economic crisis.

A man looks up at the 6.4m long model of the shark by Stephen Gerling weighing over 600kg.

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