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The winning pumpkin is seen with its owner during a pumpkin competition at Riga zoo in Riga, capital of Latvia, Oct. 15, 2010. The zoo hosted a competition on Friday to find the best pumpkin. A pumpkin weighed 132 kilograms got the champion.

A rare sheet of 10 stamps showing film star Audrey Hepburn smoking has fetched 430,000 euros (380,000) at a charity auction in Berlin.

Stuart Hughes, the British jeweler known for his expensive remakes of popular gadgets, is at it again, this time with a diamond-clad iPhone 4 with a price tag of 5 million pounds, or roughly $8 million.

Soup can-shaped homes could be cropping up on a street near you very soon.

Hundreds of people, in gorilla costumes, took part in the annual 7km Great Gorilla Run along the River Thames on Sunday to raise money for The Gorilla Organisation, a charity aiming to save the threatened gorilla habitat in Africa.

This is your captain speaking, your plane is about to become invisible! Aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to build a passenger plane with a completely transparent fuselage, German news magazine Der Spiegel has reported.

The Italian aerobatic team perform in the skies of Rivolto army base during an air show on Sept. 12, 2010.

Armenia-based confectionary Grand Candy has set a world record as it managed to create worlds biggest stick of chocolate weighting 4 tones and 410 kg.

Most people keeping a football in the air...

A hotel is offering newlyweds the ultimate honeymoon suite an underwater room with incredible views of the underwater kingdom.

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