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Chris Verschueren set a new Guinness Monday by keeping on making and selling french fries for 83 hours with a harvest of 2,000 kilogram chips.

A man climbed to the top of a nearly 60-story skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, California, on Monday, where he unfurled a U.S. flag and was promptly detained by police

Visitors walk past a Disney World sand sculpture during a Hollywood-themed exhibition of sand sculptures in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

The exhibition, according to the organizers is the world's first ever entirely edible art exhibition and teamed the UK's most creative bakers with artists who want to create art using sugar, cake and other sweet stuff.

A toilet that belonged to late Beatle John Lennon fetched 9,500 pounds at auction on Saturday, around 10 times its estimate, the sale organisers said.

Palestinian sweets-makers prepare the biggest piece of eastern dessert "Qatayef" during an event organized by the tourism ministry to make a new world record, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Aug. 27, 2010. The Qatayef piece is weigh about 104 kilograms and its diameter is three meters.

On the last Wednesday of August starts Spains messiest festival La Tomatina, held in Buol, an otherwise drab industrial town 40km west of Valencia.

A massive traffic jam in China has slowed vehicles to a crawl for nine days near Beijing, local media say.

A 27 year old British woman has smashed the world record for typing the fastest text message, according to a mobile phone company.

A bear cub in Florida, which had a plastic jar stuck on its head for at least 10 days, has now been freed.

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