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Amy to move in with Ozzy?
07 February 2008 08:51 am
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Amy Winehouse is moving in with Ozzy Osbourne.
The troubled singer - who is being treated for drug addiction at a private London facility - has been invited by the rocker's daughter Kelly to stay in a guest cottage at the family's Buckinghamshire mansion when she leaves rehab.

A source said: "Kelly has always been there for Amy, they are very close. When Amy went into rehab, it was Kelly who picked out clothes to take in from her London flat.

"The cottage is perfect. And there will be no temptations like there are in London. "Also, the security around the house is already tight after a spate of break-ins so there is no chance of anyone being able to follow her.'

Kelly - who watched her father Ozzy struggle with his dependence on drugs and alcohol as a child - battled drug addiction when she was just 19. She checked into a rehab for abusing painkillers in 2004.

The source added: "Kelly is probably the most qualified of her friends to look after Amy. She is certainly a much better influence than some of the people she was hanging around with in London, like Pete Doherty."

Meanwhile, it has been reported Amy will write and perform the theme song for the new Bond film, if she stays clean for two months. An insider on latest 007 instalment 'Quantum of Solace' said: "In April the Bond people will make a decision on an artist and if Amy is clean them, it's hers."


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