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Britney Spears offers glimpse of upcoming tour
03 March 2009 03:44 am
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Pop diva Britney Spears will start her Circus Tour on Tuesday in New Orleans, and in advance of that show her camp released an online video glimpse of how the tour will look.

In many ways, the new Britney looks a lot like the old Britney. Video of rehearsals posted on MySpace show the pop star decked out in skimpy and outlandish costumes, including an imperial jacket with shaggy epaulets, a military jacket festooned with medals and a stripper-like outfit with long boots and a low-cut top. It’s a collection of looks familiar to those who have seen Spears’ past tours.

The short video also shows the tour’s Circus theme. There are plenty of rings flying around and in one segment a magician in a top hat pulls his cape open, revealing Spears as she crawls out of a box.

Also, a set list for Spears’ tour was released on her Web site. It includes the songs “Piece of Me” and “Baby One More Time” from her previous albums, and the sexually suggestive song ”If You Seek Amy” from her latest album, which has upset parents’ groups.

Spears will be closely scrutinized during her 26-city Circus Tour. Her album “Circus,” released on her 27th birthday in December, topped the pop charts, but after a series of embarrassing incidents in 2007 and early 2008 that included attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella and being hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation, celebrity watchers will pay close attention to the tour to see how Spears handles the pressure and to determine if her comeback is complete. Her 2007 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was also billed as a comeback show, but she came off as badly prepared with feeble and confused dance steps, in a show that was roundly panned.

How does the video glimpse of Spears’ tour look? Is she bound to wow audiences with her singing and dancing again, or is there a danger of a repeat performance from her 2007 VMA show?

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