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Gene Simmons promises high-impact "Boom" from Kiss
17 September 2009 05:40 am
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Gene Simmons says Kiss fans can expect to see "new outfits, a brand new stage and millions more (dollars) put into it" when the group begins its Kiss Alive 35 tour to promote "Sonic Boom," the band's first new album in 11 years, on September 25 in Detroit.

"That's just the history of Kiss," Simmons told "Simply put, any band you go to see for the same ticket price, you know Kiss is going to give you tenfold more. That's just a statement of fact."

Simmons said that besides the usual blood, fire and very tall boots, the focal point of the production will be a video screen "that's literally as wide as the entire stage, so there ain't a bad seat in the house. We've got extra people on cameras and stuff like that, so there'll be multimedia in back to increase the visual impact as well as the sonic impact."

Kiss, meanwhile, is planning a major marketplace push for the start of the tour and the October 6 release of "Sonic Boom," which features one disc of new material, another of re-recorded hits and a live DVD filmed earlier this year in Argentina.

Simmons said a portion of Kiss' opening night show will be broadcast live on network TV, though he wouldn't offer specifics. "I don't want to spell it out," he said. "The different evening shows have policies, and they're jealous of each other."

The A&E channel, home to the weekly "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" reality series, will air "Kissteria," a documentary shot earlier this year during the band's tour of Australia and New Zealand.

"Family Jewels" will also be on the road with Kiss. "We've already been filming season five," Simmons said.

While the tour and album release are the band's priorities, Simmons said Kiss continues to develop plans for a Broadway musical and cartoon show.

"The Kiss Broadway show has been in development for 15 years, and the cartoon show about as long," Simmons said. "Like anything, you don't stop. Everything takes time ... and Kiss just keeps getting bigger."

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