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Discover all Montpellier has to Offer
11 October 2009 05:52 am
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The scenic city of Montpellier is located in the southern region of France. As with most of the great cities of this nation, Montpellier in France has a lot of heritage and culture behind it.

It is a fantastic place to visit if you want to look at the great works of architecture and the culturally significant places of the city. The city is actually a great place for roaming about on foot.

If there's one place in the city that you simply cannot miss it is the Place de la Comedie. It is a large pedestrian only square and it is the favorite meeting place of the entire city. It has numerous cafes and restaurants where people go to simply relax and enjoy themselves. The name has no immediate connection with the place. It is named after the first theatre that was built in the area in 1870.

From the Place de la Comedie you can go to Esplanade Charles-De-Gaulle. It is actually a wide boardwalk that connects the Place de la Comedie with the Corum building. It is a great place to take a walk especially with all the museums that are located in this area. It contains some of the most popular museums in the city and makes for a natural extension to any trip to Place de la Comedie. For some additional fun, take a ride along the way on a horse-drawn carriage.

Then you can go to the old town to take a walking trip back in time. It is a quaint old place that has not changed much in the past few centuries. It is a mostly quiet neighborhood with a lot of 17th century houses still there. They are inhabited by families who have been living there for generations now. Most of them are the descendants of the original homeowners. There is something called the La Petit Train Touristique, which roughly translates to 'the small train for tourists'. It is a fun way to see the entire place.

Head to Musee du Vieux-Montpellier next. It is a fantastic place for those who want to learn more about the region and the city. It has a great collection of artifacts that date back to medieval times, the Renaissance and also the French Revolution.

Much has been written about the joy of exploring the South of France. Making use of a car hire Montpellier service certainly opens up a world of extra opportunities for your French holiday. You will be able to cram your holiday full of much more activities and fun things with the flexibility and freedom hiring a car brings.

All in all Montpellier is a great place to just go relax and have some fun. Take a trip there soon and see for yourself.

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