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Westlife forget about trying to break the US
08 December 2009 05:18 am
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Westlife have admitted that they have given up on trying to break America.

The Irish boyband had a Top 20 hit in the States with their debut single 'Swear It Again' in 2000, but almost ten years on, have never managed to score a follow-up hit.

Their latest album, Where We Are, features production from several prestigious American producers, prompting reports they were planning another assault on the lucrative US market.

But group member Mark Feehily said that was is merely a coincidence and they had given up on trying to make it big in the US.

Speaking exclusively to DigitalSpy, he said: "We looked outside the box on this album and that brought us to America as well as other places in the world - London, Ireland, everywhere. It wasn't a conscious decision to break the States or anything.

"With America, we're over the fact that we haven't broken it. If it ever comes up as an opportunity, we'll definitely take it, but we don't design things to try and break America anymore."

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