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Fashion tips for petite women
10 January 2010 08:08 am
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If youve a short neck avoid wearing high collared clothes. Avoid short necklaces too. To elongate your neck, wear a deep neck and a long necklace that falls few inches above your navel.

Wearing shoes with strings will make you appear even shorter. Avoid that at all costs. Wearing an open shoe with nothing at the ankle, just a strap to hold the toes together will make your legs look longer.

Do not wear over all prints. Theyll make you thinner. Wear prints that have something here or there and preferably over your figures assets (like well shapes abs, tones arms, etc) to catch more attention in that area.

Add a belt or a scarf to your skirt or pants that hangs downward toward your legs. It will add height to them.

Wear contrasting colors and fitted lines to flatter your figure.