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Celine Dion returns to Las Vegas
11 February 2010 06:21 am
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Singer Celine Dion is returning to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas next year for a three-year residency.

She will appear at the hotel's Colosseum theatre where she performed her A New Day Concert 717 times between March 2003 and December 2007.

Her previous residency took more than $400m (£256m) and was seen by nearly three million people.

The new show will begin on 15 March 2011 with tickets priced from $55 (£35) to $250 (£160).

Organisers say the new show, which will feature a full orchestra, will be "centred on capturing the romance of classic Hollywood movies and performed with a stunning visual presentation".

"With the orchestra and the band we're going to be able to perform our songs like never before," Dion said.

"The repertoire is going to be extraordinary - a mix of timeless Hollywood classics, along with all the favourites that my fans like to hear me sing.

"It's going to be a very beautiful show, and I think we'll be raising the bar higher than we've ever done before."

Dion, 41, best known for hits including My Heart Will Go On and The Power of Love, has sold more than 200 million albums, according to record label Columbia.

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