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Beyonce denies rumours that Jay-Z is now her manager
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Beyonce refutes online rumours that she will drop her father as manager, for her husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce has been managed by her father, Mathew, since her career began, but there has been gossipy speculation online that she will sign to Jay-Z's management company Roc Nation.

Recently, an 'insider' source has been quoted 'Since the divorce of her parents, her relationship with her father is becoming strained . . . Also professionally, she wants to stay edgy and relevant, where her father wants her to make more 'mature' music.'

Mathew and her mother Tina divorced late last year after he had an extra-marital affair.

Yet there has been no suggestion that he would stop managing both Beyonce and her sister Solange.

This morning Beyonce And Mathew Knowles Management released a press release:

'Contrary to false rumors online, Beyonce and her manager Mathew Knowles unequivocally have had and continue to have a close personal and business relationship. Mathew Knowles is the sole and exclusive manager of Beyonce.'


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