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How to use Twitter for small business?
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Twitter marketing is the latest concept that has emerged in the field of marketing. Using Twitter has become the latest fad amongst the youngsters. Its increasing popularity is the main reason behind media marketers getting attracted towards the discipline of Twitter marketing.

Basically, Twitter is a social networking site which has a fantastic feature called microblogging. Twitter marketing through microblogging has made this social networking site a great medium to face modern day marketing challenges. Through microblogging, the media marketer can endorse his product or services in merely 140 characters. Sending message through microblogging is not a difficult task, which can be done by the media marketer himself. This facility of short messages in Twitter has given it a new name of SMS of the internet. The success rate of Twitter marketing is phenomenal, which is the reason why more and more small businesses have started resorting to this medium of marketing.

The most important benefit of Twitter marketing is that it is not a time consuming process. The media marketer can promote his products or services within seconds with the use of Twitter marketing. Twitter has emerged as a popular youth junction now-a-days, which makes it a popular platform for Twitter marketing targeting youth. Twitter marketing is a quick medium to ascertain the response of prospective audience towards the products or services marketed.

Twitter is not only a great platform to market ones product or services, but also a brilliant medium to know the customers preferences. A media marketer can also ask poll questions to his prospective leads about their choices and preferences on Twitter. It means that Twitter not only serves as a great platform for marketing but also a brilliant tool for research work.

Twitter marketing enables two-way communication between the media marketer and his target audience. The two-way communication that Twitter marketing offers serves a great tool to understand the market about the product or service and helps in the process of development of products or services.

Since Twitter provides a platform for two-way communication and is designed for the purpose of social networking, it helps is building a good relationship with the customer.

Twitter Marketing helps in building up a brand amongst a larger base of audience. According to the statistics, Twitter is used all over the world as one of the most popular social networking sites. Any bit of marketing meticulously done on Twitter can appeal to the entire world in one go. In other words, millions of Twitter users can be approached for the promotion of products or services with the click of the mouse, which helps in building the brand on a much higher scale as compared to any of the traditional mediums of marketing.

Therefore, Twitter marketing is a boon for any small business, through which it can reach unmatchable heights in terms of material success and fame.