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Tips for keeping skin hydrated and healthy after a summer
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Some of the ways to keep skin hydrated and healthy after a summer of tanning include:

*drinking plenty of water and other healthy liquids

*remembering the sunblock in the fall and all year around

*using products that will keep skin well hydrated and healthy-looking

*maintaining a healthy diet that includes antioxidants and nutrition for the skin through a variety of fruits and vegetables along with other nutritious foods

*exfoliating on a regular basis (getting rid of dead skin cells)

*using shower and bath products formulated to clean and hydrate the skin

*moisturizing skin well from head to toe on a regular basis with a good product

*keeping circulation flowing to the outer layers of skin by getting adequate exercise

*getting the proper amount of rest and enough hours of sleep per night

*avoiding poor lifestyle choices (such as smoking and abuse of alcohol or other drugs) that make the skin look old and worn before its time.

Treat your skin well all year around. After summer tanning, you will be helping to extend the life of your tan if you treat your skin with loving care well into fall. It will help you feel comfortable inside your skin and will keep you looking young and healthy even after many summers of tanning.


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