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Why the Small Things Are Important in Friendship
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Below are some of the factors that make the little things in friendships so important.

Friendship is based on trust. This can hardly come from contacting each other only on those important occasions. Trust is built with knowing each other, understanding how we think and our actions. It doesn't have to be on a daily basis but it has to be regular in order for it to grow. A friendship that is regular avoids the formalities and most times we pick up easily from when we were last in contact. Knowing that we can be there for each other even for the little things such as a moment of ranting, or just airing unimportant opinions allows us to feel that we are not judged. This little aspect of friendship goes a long way in building our trust for one another.

If trust is at the forefront of a friendship then reliability is right behind it. It is not only during the big things that we are needed. The little things set a precedent for how we shall cope with the big things. If we can demonstrate our reliability on this then we are more likely to be trusted with the bigger aspects. The fact remains that if we want to have a say in each other's lives then we must be present for the little things as well as the big things.

The hidden element to friendship is the spiritual side. Good friends uplift each other's spirits. It does not have to be said but it is felt and we know this by the gratitude we receive and that we give out when this happens. The little things have a way making the most difference. The fact remains that they are usually unexpected, taking for granted and if we can do those small things for each other then they last forever. The little things in friendship are the factors that build memories and make us feel our worth in the friendship.

Although we are doing things for one another be it for whatever intentions, there is a higher element to friendship. God watches all our endeavors and knows the hearts of men. If good works become a habit because we are willing to give time to others even for the little things that take us away from our daily routine, then God will also bless us for this act. Blessings come through giving. If we give when it is least expected, when it isn't asked for then our blessings are even greater.


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