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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine to stop singing about women
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The 'Misery' singer admits it is 'absolutely ridiculous' how many models are featured in the band's songs, videos and album covers, and is planning for the group to take a new direction.

Speaking of the situation, Adam said: ' need to find something else to harp on about, you know? I am aware of that.

' don't think anyone on planet Earth wants to see me kissing another girl. It is absolutely ridiculous at this point. We're ready to change that. Definitely.

' don't know if I can stomach doing that again. But, you know what? There are some amazing things on the horizon; we have some pretty cool ideas about our next record.

'We want to change things up, absolutely, it's getting a bit tired.'

Adam also admits he had to come to terms with turning 30 while making the band's third album, 'Hands All Over'.

He added: ' have Peter Pan syndrome, I guess, I don't really want to grow up. I think that when I turned 30, it forced me to mature in some ways and still maintain my childish ways in others.'

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