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Nagging Is Poisonous - It Is a Short Cut to Lost Love
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Nagging is poisonous. It is like a snake bite, it kills a relationship. If you think you will pick on your partner and try to tell him each and everything you think about him, you will kill the relationship faster than you thought. If your aim is to change him, sorry, the opposite will be true.

And possibly you may not know that you are nagging and killing your relationship. Do you do any of these things? Do you find fault with everything your partner does? Do you complain at the slightest mistake that your spouse does? Do you criticize each and everything you see in your spouse? Are you cynical and see problems in your partner? Are you too demanding? Do you pester your partner? Do you nit pick your partner? Do you spilt hairs with your partner, thinking that you are telling him the truth. He needs to know. Then you do not love him that much. You are going to lose him. Your nagging tongue is poisoning the relationship.

Jane and Samuel were in a relationship for seven or so years, when Samuel's businesses started doing badly. Jane got frustrated because she could not get most of the things she wanted. This frustrated her and she thought that Samuel was not trying enough. This frustration got to her head and she started nagging behavior to get to Samuel.

Jane picked on everything within their house to split hairs. If she found unwashed plates in the sink she would comment that Samuel does no do any house chores, despite the fact that he had washed the last lot of dirty dishes. She would comment on the money. She would comment on the clothes. She would comment on anything. She did not realize that it was not those things she was talking about that were the issue. It was actually her frustration with the money that was driving her.

Samuel started withdrawing to avoid her. He started working on his way out of the relationship as he worked on his money and business problems.

As soon as Samuel's problems got better, he moved out.

Nagging killed the relationship.

When faced with problems, be encouraging to your partner. Do not take it out on him. Do not pick on him. This will kill the relationship other than achieving your intended objective. Nagging is not motivating, it is poisoning.