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How to choose the right wedding dress for your figure
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The last thing you want on your wedding day is a dress that does nothing to enhance your best features. Of course, to get a dress like that you have to be honest with yourself about your best - and worst - features.

Most people would agree that almost all brides look beautiful. Make sure its true in your case by enhancing the most beautiful aspects of your body. Some of the worst aspects of your body, at the time of your wedding, could be temporary. For instance, if youve recently gotten sunburn and now have blotches of red or peeling skin choose a dress that will conceal the problem. Likewise if youve had an injury to an arm or leg and the scar is still evident choose a gown with long sleeves or length.

Some people are not self conscious about their body in any way and have no problem wearing whatever makes them happy. Other women fret over their looks and are extremely shy about certain styles.

Some common body features are listed below, along with recommended styles of gowns for flattery:

Long neck: Choose a dress that has a lace collar that goes high on the neck rather than a low cut bust line.

Short neck: Select a dress with a scooping neckline to give the appearance of a longer neck.

Large bust: Dresses that are low cut and show a small bit of cleavage are a great selection for those who are large in the waist and hips. These dresses draw the glance to the bust area rather than the lower body. Stay away from gowns that have a lot of beadwork or enhancements sewn to the bust line.

Small bust: Choose a dress that covers the breasts and has extra lace or beadwork. The extra embellishments of the bust will make it appear larger.

Large waistline: Avoid gowns that are tight or fitted. Choose something with a loose-fitting skirt but sculpted top. Dont overdo it with a very full-cut skirt, though.

Small waistline: Enhance your tiny waist with a fitted skirt of any length. To take away from your small waistline choose a full skirt with a well-embellished bust line.

Large hips: Avoid tight skirts on a gown. Opt for a little roomier cut but choose an enhanced bust line if youre small busted or a deep-cut bust line if youre large busted.

Long legs: Women with long legs can wear any length of gown. If youre self conscious about the length of your legs choose a floor or tea length gown.

Short legs: Small women with short legs look good in short to knee-length skirts. Large women with short legs should choose a gown that is floor length in the back but rises to about knee-length in the front. This will give the appearance of longer legs.

Freckles: Normally if you have many freckles, say on your back, a wise choice would be a dress that comes up to the neckline in the back. If youre extremely thin or very large backless dresses are also not the best choice.

There are ways to cover certain features of your dress that are not so flattering. For example, if youre wearing a backless dress simply because you love the front design, and the dress doesnt look that wonderful from behind; wear a veil that hangs long in the back.

Everyone, especially a bride, wants to feel comfortable in their clothes. Your first choice in a gown should be comfort. Ask someone you trust for an honest opinion when selecting a gown. General rules of thumb about wedding gowns are to stay away from extremely tight fits, dont show too much cleavage, dont choose a super-mini, and avoid lingerie-type designs.