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5 secrets to making him love you
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What makes a man fall in love?

1. Share an activity
For women, its second nature to invite their girlfriends along for a shopping spree, yoga class, spa day, you name it. But activity-based bonding shouldnt be relegated to females only. Guys love jawing over a shared pursuit, and while he might not be up for a mani/pedi (nor you for a day spent watching basketball), there are plenty of other options. Becoming gym buddies is a no-brainer (and can serve as that extra kick-in-the-butt you need to go more often!), or if you two usually dine out on a Saturday night, consider delving into a cook book and taking a crack at a recipe thats a bit of a challenge, like duck terrine with glazed shallots. Whether it turns out terrific or so odd that you end up ordering takeout, the fact that youve worked toward a common goal together builds team spirit. And by investing in a history of shared experiences with your partner in crime, youll increase the things you have in common and experience a deeper bond.

2. Cheer him on
Women take great pains to make their girlfriends feel great about themselves, showering them with ego-boosters like, You look amazing; that is the best color on you or Of course, you should email that guy hed be lucky to have you! And while we might think the world of the men we date and even brag about them to our friends and family members, telling him these things doesnt always occur to us. Maybe its because we assume guys possess impenetrable egos but the truth is, they can be just as insecure as your female friends and would probably appreciate a compliment now and then. So, if he just got a promotion at work, toast him at dinner and tell him exactly why he deserved it. Or try a simple off-the-cuff statement, such as: You look so good in that shirt it really brings out the color in your eyes. Dont be surprised if he suddenly seems to be around a whole lot more often, basking in your presence.

3. Let him be himself
Most women find it hard to love guys just the way they are. We want to change their hair, their clothes, their job, and sometimes even their friends to fit our ideal. With our own pals, were more accepting of their differences; we can actually be proud to have a technology nerd, yoga snob or fashion slave as part of our collection of confidantes. Ruthanna Hall, a sales associate in New York, has learned to relax and appreciate distinctly male behaviors (with great results) in her own relationship. When we go out, I might feel more like a cool lounge uptown, but then all hell want is a round of darts at the neighborhood dive, she explains. Rather than sulk all evening about his lack of class, shell focus in on the funny conversation theyre having. Sure, most guys do things that cause girls to go uggghhh! But thats just the way they are, she says. Why not get on with it and have fun?

4. Tell him what you think
We dont expect our best friends to always know what were thinking. In fact, we actually enjoy swapping our thoughts, hopes, and fears thats most of the fun! But why, then, are we so disappointed when our boyfriends dont exhibit mind-reading tendencies 24/7? Weve all been guilty of harboring romantic notions like, If hes been listening to me, hell know exactly where to take me for dinner on Valentines Day or If he were truly paying attention right now, hed know Im freaking out about this virus on my computer and offer to come over and help. But trust me, youll save yourself a lot of disappointment by just telling him where you want to dine out on Valentines Day, or by asking him to come over with his anti-virus software. After all, its common knowledge that two heads are better than one, so just because youve decided hes The One, dont go mum and add major guesswork to your communications.

5. Give him his space
Sometimes, girlfriends just go MIA for awhile. They get so busy at work that they dont return your emails. Do we give them flack for it? Nothing serious. But for some reason, the rules change for guys: We rail on them for not promptly returning phone calls, take offense if they want a guys night out. But remember, achieving a balance between me time and we time will make the time you do spend together even better. Bridget Cunningham found her relationship got so much mellower once she stopped stressing about where her boyfriend was every hour. I dont hold it against him when he wants to have his own time, she says. You dont cut your friends off when they do things with other people, so why shouldnt it be the same with the person you love? Meanwhile Im free to go running off with my girlfriend and blab about girl stuff. We meet afterwards for coffee, and were both feeling refreshed and fulfilled by spending time apartand that much happier to be spending time together again.

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