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New clues found in Mona Lisa's eyes
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Art experts have made a surprising discovery of the world's most famous paintings, the Mona Lisa. They claim to have found a set of tiny letters painted into the eyes and a number under the bridge in the backdrop of the painting. Tom Fearon looks into the cryptic message in the 500-year-old portrait.

For centuries, Mona Lisa's eyes have enchanted art lovers admiring Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated masterpiece. However, few people dared imagine the eyes contained an actual code.

Stefania Romano from Italy's National Committee for the Valorization of Cultural Heritage says the latest discovery leaves more questions than answers.

Stefania Romano said, "We believe that in the eyes of the Mona Lisa there are two letters: an L in her right eye, and an S in her left eye. It is also possible to notice the number 72 with a simple magnifying lens."

The "S" might refer to a woman in the Sforza dynasty that ruled Milan. The letter "L" could be for Leonardo.

The number 72 is auspicious in the Judaism's Kabbalah. 7 is also sacred in Judaism and Christianity in the creation of the world, while 2 could refer to the duality of man and woman.

But art historians aren't convinced of the meaning.

Claudio Strinati, art historian of Italian Culture Ministry, said, "Even conceding that there are really letters and numbers hidden in the painting, it seems to me that the mystery isn't emerging for these issue."

The Mona Lisa is a constant source of mystery. However unlocking her secrets could be a mystery that is never solved.

Source AFP

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