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Lady Gaga leads in popularity across social networks and music services
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A new free-to-air social media music chart has today launched, providing a unique aggregated measure of popularity across multiple social networks and music services.

The new service,, tracks musicians across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify, looking at fans, followers, views, playcount and listeners to give a comprehensive measure of fame that it calls 'Groovecount'.

The service also ranks the top weekly and the top monthly trending artists to give a view of shifts in popularity. Rankings are also available by country/ region and by genre (and by both). The data is updated continuously to provide a valuable resource on digital and social media music trends.

Among the findings from the data are:

· Lady Gaga is confirmed as the Queen of social media, leading in overall fame, followed by Eminem and Justin Bieber.
· Rihanna is currently the top trending artist, leading both weekly and monthly charts.
· By platform, Lady Gaga leads on Twitter and Justin Bieber on YouTube. Yet longer standing artists hold their own surprisingly well - Michael Jackson maintains his lead on on Facebook, the Beatles are the most popular artist (by playcount) on, while Elvis remains the King on Spotify.
· Coldplay are the leading UK artist, although the Beatles are fastest growing thanks to publicity around their iTunes debut.