Do you know where your face is? It could be anywhere......

Do you know where your face is? It could be anywhere...

When Peter logged onto Facebook, he instantly saw a picture of his wife. Fine. Her photo was on a pop-up add for a dating site. Not fine. Turns out one of Facebook's advertisers had borrowed the photo from Peter's wife's profile without asking. It's just another casualty of the no-privacy zone we call the internet.

This week, another 250,000 Facebook users had their profile pictures repurposed on dating site. reports:

"The site,, launched this week with data scraped from public Facebook profiles, including names, locations, and photos. The service used facial recognition technology to sort the Facebook photos into categories like easy going, smug, or sly."

Facebook claims these kinds of organizations violate their privacy terms and are looking into the latest offense. The dating site is temporarily down in the meantime. But it still makes you wonder, where else will you turn up? If you're tagged making a duckface, your photo could end up here. If you're pictures are racy they could be in the download folder of some perverted hacker. Who knows, you could even end up as the spokesperson for a porn site. One poor mom learned that lesson the hard way.

Right now, the best way to protect yourself is to make sure your privacy settings for Facebook and any other photo-sharing site are set to be viewed by friends only. Keep an eye on dating and social networking sites for a message requesting uploaded photos be used for other purposes. And alert Facebook if you think your image is being misused. And never, ever, ever pose for a photo with duckface. That's on you.

Source Shine yahoo by Pipper Weiss