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U2 Johannesburg gig jeopardized by thieves
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U2 are scheduled to play the main World Cup stadium (FNB Stadium) in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 13, but the ability to provide reliable power for the tons of equipment and staging for the show is in serious jeopardy.

As is happening more and more in the U.S., thieves are stealing copper in any form to sell to recyclers. While the price may not be high for the used material, the criminals are finding a ready supply in abandoned homes (both copper wiring and pipes) and at construction sites.

It is a problem in South Africa, too, as the thieves have hit a number of areas around the stadium in Johannesburg, leaving unreliable power that can damage generators and equipment. Things have gotten so bad that authorities have had to cancel a soccer match that was scheduled for Saturday just to have time to try and make needed repairs.


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