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How to Build a Successful Online Business
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7 crucial steps to building a successful online business.

1Traffic without this essential element your online business will die period. Many Guru's have there own way of generating traffic and you will usually have to pay through the nose to find out how it is done. Here are some of these tactics that many Guru's use to generate tons of traffic.

Joint Ventures. This is when two or more individual join forces to accumulate more subscribers from the other guys list. Look for other niche like folks who you might be able to connect with you.

Successful Article Marketing. My favorite and in my opinion the easiest way to generate traffic. You write articles about your niche and submit them to article directories. This is really a no-brainer.

Co-Registration is new way to get opt-in subscribers to your newsletter or ezine. You do this by getting your visitors to signup for a free subscription service. Or you can offer them a chance to opt-in to other offers your "thank-you page" that appears after the initial registration.

PPC or Pay per click. This is one way to get tons of immediate traffic but could also become the most costly. If you have no idea what it is or how to get started in PPC I highly recommend you do research first. There are numerous forums and blogs that talk about PPC in detail.
There are other ways to generate traffic such as SEO, Web 2.0, ad swapping and offline advertising.

Build a subscriber list. It is essential that you build a list of folks who are looking for what you have to offer. Put a form on your website or blog asking your subscribers to join your list and make sure it is an opt-in list. This is really easy to do. Ask your web hosting company to develop a form for your website today. This should be done free of charge.

Turn you subscribers into buying customers. Once you get a large list you can now give them more information about your products. The more free information about your products the more likely they will purchase now and later. The above four steps are crucial for anyone who wants a successful online business.