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Aerosmith still together says Joe Perry
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Injuries which may or may not have been inflicted by other members, people disappearing for periods at a time, solo excursions, work in new parts of the industry...all of it has made people wonder if there is anything ahead for the group.

Joe Perry took to Twitter over the weekend to lay to rest all of the questions and rumors, saying that Aerosmith is, indeed, an ongoing entity and that they are continuing to work on new music.

Here's his string of Twitter messages (most were responses to people's questions):

I am in Aerosmith. I am not going anywhere. The band isn't writing any more. It was only for 8 days. If ya need a jolt get my last solo CD

There's nothing to make up. We are brothers we have been texting back n forth since the tour ended. It's a bunch of BS

It was only an 8 day writing session that got blown outta proportion. Asmith will resume in the Spring to finish the new CD

Asmith and I will be writing in the Spring. The guys only got together for 8 days.I had previous plans could not get out of.

People must stop talking nonsenses about Aerosmith. Many ''journalists'' grows on the press with a world of lies.

you misunderstood they only wrote for 8 days, there will be more song writing for ASmith in the Spring.We r looking forward to the next CD

we need all 5 members to write a real ASmith CD. We have plans to write in the nxt few months for an extended time period

So let's get this straight.I am not leaving ASmith.I will be writing on the new CD.Just could not make the Lst 8 day writing stint.alls well all rumors. don't worry bout a thing.ASmith lives on n I am in it. It's my band.Tom and I formed it in 1969.It's the 5of us

Steven and I text all of the time.He's my brother in arms just like Brad, Joey, and Tom r.Everything else is a rumour.


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