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Body Language
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Every movement we do explain to several interpretations, and movements in the human body shows many things through which we can know about his character, let us know our personalities from our movements.

Move the Rings:
When you raise a hand to the ear level of expression of this Hrzina and concern of the words that we hear and if we want to distance ourselves from the cruelty of speech, we have an urgent desire not to hear.

Biting lips:
This movement means that we are trying to prevent by force ourselves to say anything if we try to swallow to talk and when this movement to become permanent, it usually indicates resistance to internal emotions.

Join hands when you talk:
Movement means the urge to self-defense and protection of the reaction may disturb the other party. This movement may also indicate that the speaker is very shy and unable to control himself during his address to others.

Put your hands in the pockets during the conversation:
Movement indicate a specific position against the other party and an urgent desire not to tell him frankly and disclosure about what is touring the self. A movement which challenge and pride, resistance, and so if we want to say "do what you want I do not care about you."

Playing in the locks of hair:
Lift a hand to the level of the head means to communicate with inner thoughts and conjure every detail in these ideas. This movement is sailing with the self and try to self-retired, if you turned to this movement is usually evidence of the anxiety and tension.

Trqap fingers:
Not an expression of nerve, as some believe as much as a natural reaction fast what is going on around us, whether recently or event. Try us to express our desire to end the situation or speed, or vice versa when you try to calm him down.


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