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Bahrain recalls its ambassador to Iran
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Bahrain recalled its ambassador to Iran on Tuesday in protest at Tehran's "blatant interference" in its internal affairs, the state news agency reported.

The Gulf kingdom has "decided to immediately recall its ambassador in Tehran for consultation," the agency reported, after Iran criticised the dispatch of Gulf Arab troops to Bahrain to help put down Shiite-led protests.

Iran earlier in the day called military intervention in Bahrain by Gulf states unacceptable, adding that it will only complicate the already volatile situation there.

Armed forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates rolled into Bahrain on Monday to help the Manama government deal with pro-democracy protestors.

Protests erupted in Shia-majority Bahrain on February 14 and seven people died in consequent crackdowns on demonstrations, according to an AFP tally based on relatives of victims and opposition officials.

Source AFP

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