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Kim Cattrall: I'm not ashamed of my wrinkles
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Kim Cattrall bares all including her wrinkles as an aging porn star in the new movie "Meet Monica Velour," and the actress admits she was initially uneasy about showing her age.

"I didn't know whether I could do it, because to be that stripped of makeup, clothes, shoes, in Hollywood, you have to be beautiful; you have to be desirable," the 54-year-old star tells the L.A. Times. "And that's why so many woman of my age or even younger are pushed to Botox and plastic surgery, all the things that people say, 'Why do women do this?' Where do you go in your 50s in your career?"

The "Sex and the City" actress has discovered that the answer is starring on stage, in European movies, and on public television programs.

"These are wonderful roles, well developed and multidimensional that are exciting to play," she explains. "Much more exciting than these leading lady roles that I got in my teens and 20s and early 30s."

In "Meet Monica Velour," Cattrall is lit harshly so that each line in her face - her forehead actually wrinkles - appears in detail on the big screen.

"Can you imagine? We make fun of those things, and they're in the culture now. It's like if you're not using Botox, it's like, 'Really, you should do it,'" she says. "I look at people like Judi Dench, who's in her 70s, and I think, 'What the hell am I frightened of? This is a trailer park [where Monica Velour lives]. There's no beautiful lighting.'"

Source CNN

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