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James Franco pursues yet another degree
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The best teachers know that theres always more to learn, and newly minted NYU instructor James Franco is planning to continue his own education at the University of Houston.

The institution confirmed to CNN that the Oscar nominee and published author has been accepted into the doctoral program in literature and creative writing at the University. According to the Houston Chronicle, only 20 people are admitted to the doctoral program each year out of 400 applicants.

Those attending the U of H will have to wait a bit for the tireless actor to join their ranks Franco deferred until 2012, a rep for the school told CNN. (And understandably so; think about how many projects the 33-year-old is currently signed up for.)

At this rate, Franco may be running out of room to hang all of his degrees: He's already acquired an undergraduate degree from UCLA, an MFA in writing from Columbia and is currently tackling Yale's doctoral English program.

Source CNN