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5 Dumbest Things You Do While Driving.
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5 Dumbest Things You Do While Driving.

Its no wonder that there are so many auto accidents.

Catapulting down the highway in 4,000 pounds of steel isnt enough of an activity for the typical U.S. driver, who needs to be doing more than merely watching the traffic and listening to the radio, or so says a new survey by

According to he survey of some 1,500 individuals, just 42% of Americans drive without dangerous distractions. Watch out for the remaining 58%, who confessed to doing one or several other activities from reading (not kidding) to texting their friends.

Sure we all know about cell phones. Who hasnt been nearly sideswiped by a matron caught up in a juicy tidbit of telephone gossip, while changing lanes in her suburban? But, you might be surprised to know that talking on the cellphone is merely the second most-common driving distraction.

Whats first? Noshing. A full 39% of those surveyed say that they eat and drink while driving. (Of course its possible that theyre talking on the cell phone at the same time.) The survey allowed for multiple yes choices, and given the numbers, they got them.

So exactly what are people doing while driving? According to Insurance.coms survey:

39.13% are eating and/or drinking
30.1% are chatting it up on a cell phone
8.6% are texting
2.95% are either shaving or putting on make-up
2.33% are reading
2.09% say theyre doing something else, but theyre not going to tell us what it is.
For those who missed the great Car & Driver road test of texting & driving vs. driving drunk, texting is worse. By a long shot.

Source By Kathy Kristof for CBS