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Tired of hearing 'Kardashian'? Maybe this can help
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Make’s Matt Richardson has come up with a device that mutes unwanted celebrity chatter, reports Business Insider.

The inventor’s revolutionary TV system, “Enough Already,” automatically mutes your TV when an overexposed celebrity is mentioned. Brilliant!

The invention is built with basic circuit boards to track the text in closed captions. When words like “Kardashian” or “Lohan” (or any other name you find obnoxious and want deleted from your viewing experience) show up, the TV automatically mutes for 30 seconds.

If you’d like to build your own “Enough Already” in preparation for Kim Kardashian’s upcoming wedding media blitz, you can find the code here. If you’re tech savvy, that is. Otherwise, you might just have to deal with 24/7 party details and the impending pregnancy speculation.


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