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Choosing a Bridal Bouquet
01 May 2008 03:45 am
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Is it hard for you to say something? "Say it with flowers." Yes, that is the right idiom for us to express and describe our feel. With flowers we can express our love, sad, apologize, thank you, congratulation, purity, etc. Flower is symbol of love, beauty, and purity. Flowers can represent our feel to somebody else.

A bouquet (flower arrangement), even with a single or small arrangement, is a great way to express your feel. It can bring a great atmosphere to your heart, your sweetheart, and your wedding day. Just try to put a single flower arrangement in your living room. And it can be guessed that you will feel something different in your day. Or try not to use bouquet in your wedding day. And your guests will feel there is something wrong in your wedding day. It will also strange if you choose a wrong bouquet for your wedding day. Despite you can use any flower to your wedding day, it's recommended for you to choose the right flowers that suit your wedding theme and can express your look & feel.

Arranging a bouquet is not as easy as we say. Moreover if the bouquet will be used in a special occasion such as wedding day. If you want to arrange a bridal bouquet, you should consider these things:


A bouquet must be proportional in accordance with the bride's appearance. Bouquets vary in size from small to large, and vary in shape from round (nosegay) to long (cascade & long stemmed bouquet), so they should always be proportional in size to the bride.

Wedding Theme

A bouquet should says your personality and reflects your wedding theme. As stated above, it says your fell & style. If you decided to pick an autumn theme for your wedding, you should choose a bouquet that arranged by flowers that represent vibrant hues of falls such as gold, red, dark, and orange. It can be made with roses, tulips, calla lilies, etc.


Your eyes speaks to you when they are looking at a color or combination of many colors. As we all know, every color has its meaning and some can be associated with special thing. For example, many people have associated pink color with female. Although the assumptions are not too significant, you cannot avoid it for sometimes.


If you have a low budget, don't be worry. You still have a great wedding with cheap flowers. If you choose flowers that are out of season, usually you have to spend more money to buy it. To make sure you get the best price, you can compare flower/bouquet prices before you get it.


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