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Jeff Bridges: My wife avoids movie sets
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Jeff Bridges' wife is reluctant to visit him on film sets because it's 'a little tense'.

The American actor is renowned for his work, having appeared in pictures including Crazy Heart, TRON: Legacy and The Big Lebowski.

As well as his acting credentials, Jeff has recently embarked on a music career. He released his self-titled debut album last month.

Jeff is set to start filming R.I.P.D alongside Ryan Reynolds, and the actor says his hectic schedule is frustrating his wife Susan Geston.

' prefer the world coming at me a little slower,' he told Nylon Guys.

' can do a lot of stuff besides making movies and making music. The toughest thing is being away from my wife. She doesn't like to visit movie sets. As wonderful as it is, it's just a little tense, man.'

Jeff is glad he is experimenting with his career path.

The 61-year-old Hollywood star thinks it's good for people to test their talents and not limit themselves.

' did this acting thing for a while. Now I'm morphing into a musician. You never know what's going to happen,' he explained.

''m really glad it worked out the way it did. Flowers still bloom when the sun's not shining.'

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