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Wedding Tips & Ideas
04 May 2008 01:06 am
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Here are a few wedding ideas and tips to help you plan your wedding without stress.

Wedding Date

You can attain substantial savings if you choose to have your wedding on a Friday or on a Sunday.

You can book many professional services at substantially lower cost because Fridays and Sundays are bonus days in which they are usually free and available.

Wedding Cake

Order a 3 Tier Beautiful Cake and the same flavor sheet cake to be serve from the kitchen Keep the cake simple by minimizing the hand made design of the baker and decorate instead with fresh matching flowers of the wedding Some Wedding facilities (Hotels, Wineries, Bed & Breakfast) may include the wedding cake as a package deal.


Purchase fresh flowers from a wholesale mart and have close family and friends make-up the boutonnieres for the Groomsmen and relatives.

Purchase fresh Roses from a wholesaler and make your own bridal bouquet with matching smaller bridesmaid bouquet and tie the stems with 1" satin ribbons that you can purchase from craft store either by the foot or by the roll.

Centerpieces Rent some beautiful crystal bowls about 14" round and put floating candles and 3 gardenia ( gardenia usually cost between $1.50 to $3.00 each) Incorporate more tulle with less flowers in your decoration Bring your Church flowers to your Reception.

Bridesmaid make bouquet can be use to decorate the cake table and the head table Incorporate Taper candles with small flower centerpieces to create a very romantic ambiance

Photography & Videography

One time use cameras can be placed on each table to allow your guest to take pictures of the wedding and the guest Designate 2 friends to take candid pictures of the ceremony and reception.

Designate 2 friends to take video of the ceremony and reception

Purchase a smaller wedding package and purchase the wedding proofs to add to your album. Use the wedding proofs in your parents album.

Hire a Videographer by the hour and have the film unedited

Wedding Coordinator

Hire a professional coordinator by the hour and have them help you with very specific wedding task Be very clear in what you want as to not waste any time on planning ideas that you dont end up using Ask a very organized girlfriend to help you carry out your wedding itinerary on your wedding day.

Wedding Gown

Buying a White dress or Gown off the rack and having it altered.

Shop bridal outlets

Shop Consignment stores for slightly used gowns

Having a dress custom made for you sometimes may cost less than purchasing a designer gown


Bring your own Champagne and Wine Corkage fee will usually apply but is always negotiable

Have a buffet style banquet and still have assigned table sitting

Having a luncheon reception instead of a dinner banquet Favors

A 1x2 mini picture frame will serve as place cardholder as well as wedding favor

A mini glass candle votive wrap in tulle place on each place setting will serve as table dcor as well as a favor for your guest to take home

Have a cake and champagne reception instead of a sit-down dinner.

Home Wedding

This can dramatically reduce your wedding cost if youre able to host the ceremony and reception in your home or your familys home. (A nice garden wedding)

You can have the food catered by a favorite restaurant and serve buffet style

You can hire servers or the restaurant may provide servers with the food purchase

You can purchase your flowers from a wholesaler and decorate the house 2 days before the wedding You can hire a cleaning service a week before the wedding and have them return a after wedding clean up


Hiring a DJ or having a pretape recording of your favorite songs and having friend play tape during a your reception can save you an average of $ 500.00 versus hiring a live band

Invitation & Calligraphy

If youre handy with the computer, you can print your own invitation on your laser printer. There are so many resources for beautiful paper and envelopes from resources like mail order and office warehouses

You can purchase pretty blank thank you notes from stationary stores for less than $5.00 for a box of 12 notes and matching envelopes.

Select smaller invitation to save on postage larger invitation weight more and therefore require more postage to mail out

Inquire with friends, maybe one is learning calligraphy. Perhaps he/she may want to do yours a half the cost of a professional calligrapher take note from the holiday cards you received from your friends, you may be a calligrapher in the making.

If you're not lucky enough to have an artistic friend to do your calligraphy, we recommend MJWCalligraphy.

Wedding Accessories

Make your own flower girl basket purchase a cute little inexpensive wicker basket from a craft store and spray paint it white or off white and decorate it with fresh flowers the day before the wedding.

Borrow a ring bearers pillow from a previous bride Purchase an inexpensive garter from a lingerie store ($3.00 to $6.00)

Use your Champagne flutes that you may already have at home

Use the reception facilities cake servers and knife and toasting flutes and decorate them with ribbons & fresh flowers

Purchase gifts for the bridesmaid that they can also use during the wedding day such as mother of pearl necklace, put the pearls in a mini silver jewelry box with their names engraved would really be a nice added touch.

Saving Time and your Sanity

One of the key aspect in planning your wedding is your time, if you see what you want, if it fits your budget, buy it... especially with accessories, not only do you save money but you also save time and save stress from not having to go out and look for the same accessories again

Once you have made your purchase whether its your wedding gown or bridal shoes dont spend any more time on looking at the same item anymore, this will save you time and also not cause you to second guess your first choice

Getting Help

Its time to call in a few favors think about the people you know in their respective profession that you have helped in the past, perhaps you may know a professional photographer having done legal work for them. Bartering its a good thing.

The secret in asking for free help is not to burden any one individual with an overload of things to do for your wedding.spread it out, no more than 1 to 2 task per person, you want them to share your wedding day not work it.