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'Glee' premiere ratings down
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They probably can't blame it on the alcohol this time: "Glee," which saw its third season debut last night, was down 32 percent in the ratings compared to last year's premiere episode. With just 8.9 million viewers tuning in Tuesday night, it seems cast member shake-up and evolving storyline fatigue may have scared some former Gleeks off.

I, for one, PopWatchers, am among those who opted to tune out this year. While I loved the first season (honestly, who didn't?), I couldn't help but be frustrated with the second season, thanks to uneven or downright unbelievable plot lines. (Even in the "Glee" universe, it's really hard to accept the notion that Sue Sylvester would remain gainfully employed as an educator.)

Plus, it didn't help that season 2 ended on a blossoming, if not entirely out-of-left-field, romance between Mercedes and Sam -- that twist, in retrospect, seemed pointless after we learned over the summer that actor Chord Overstreet would not be returning as a regular. So much for a cliffhanger.

Of course, these are early numbers. If word gets out that "Glee" is not only back, but better than ever (judging from some of your comments in EW's "Glee" recap, as well as the laughs coming from my roommate watching it in our living room last night, the show is on course to do just that), all the people that were weary of watching the third season could just as easily be swayed to come back.

Or has all the goodwill for the series come and gone as quickly as Sunshine Corazon?

So why didn't you tune in, fellow former Gleeks? Are you fed up with the show? Or were you simply too busy watching "Dancing with the Stars," "The Biggest Loser," or "90210" to tune in?


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