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The morning after on 'The Big Bang Theory'
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Thursday night's back-to-back episode season premiere of "The Big Bang Theory" continued along the same path as last season, dealing with romantic entanglements among the group and their various repercussions.

Chief among them was the fact that Raj and Penny slept together on the season finale - or so we thought.

It turns out that just as the two were about to do the deed... well, as Raj described it to Penny, "that's all she wrote."

It was a nice, clean ending to that particular incident, but Bernadette's angry description of Raj as a "cutie pie" to his face means that we may yet see some trouble brewing for Howard on that front.

As usual, Amy Farrah Fowler stole every scene, explaining to Penny, "When your prefrontal cortex fails to make you happy, promiscuity rewards you with the needed flood of dopamine. We, neurobiologists, refer to this as the 'skank reflex.'"

This episode actually didn't have a whole lot of Sheldon, except when he took one for the team by getting shot in super slo-mo by paintballs. "If there's ever gonna be a Church of Sheldon, this will be where it started," he pointed out.

Congrats, however, to Penny for her first big commercial, even if it is "rose-scented Preparation H for women."

The second episode gave us an Amy scene for the ages, as she played the harp to the tune of "Girl from Ipanema." Brava!

Sheldon's fear that Penny's chair was infested with bugs in this episode didn't particularly wow me, but Leonard's miserable failure at a long-distance relationship with Priya - and Howard and Raj's attempts to help with that - had me rolling.

I'm not sure I can ever erase the image of Howard and Raj using the gadget they invented to inadvertently make out with each other. In any case, it was one of the funniest things this show has ever done.

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