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Sorry, Zuck: Facebook pioneer Parker is on Twitter
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With an apology to his former business partner, ex-Facebook president Sean Parker has broken down and tweeted.

"Sorry Zuck, I had to do it eventually," Parker wrote Monday on his newly minted Twitter account.

The apparent mea culpa to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is, so far, Parker's only post. But, by Tuesday morning, he had already racked up nearly 24,000 followers on the rival networking site.

Parker was co-founder (or maybe an early employee, depending on who you believe) of music-sharing site Napster and created sites Plaxo and Causes in addition to helming Facebook in its early days.

He's perhaps best known to most folks through his fictional interpretation by Justin Timberlake in the movie "The Social Network."

(Movie-version Parker was responsible for two of "The Social Network's" most famous lines, urging Zuckerberg to drop the "the" and just be "Facebook" and saying that "what's cool" is not $1 million, it's $1 billion. For his part, the real Parker has called the movie pure fiction, saying he was portrayed inaccurately).

His tweet goes on to "blame" Scooter Braun, an entertainment marketer best known as Justin Bieber's agent.

Parker's Twitter debut comes, perhaps not coincidentally, as he looks set to launch his latest e-venture a video service called Airtime.

His biographical information on Twitter includes a link to a Forbes profile titled "Sean Parker: Agent of Distruption." It also links to The Founders Fund, the venture-capital firm in which Parker is a partner.

And maybe he doesn't owe Zuckerberg a full apology just yet. Parker's Facebook page has more than 38,000 people who "like" it outpacing his Twitter feed, at least for now.

Source CNN

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