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How to Choose a Wedding Hair Style
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Your big day is approaching and everything is planned. One thing you may need to put more time into is deciding how to wear your hair. This can either compliment or take away from your beauty on the most special day of your life.

Coordinate with the style of the wedding. Formal weddings will require formal hair like an updo. If you are looking at fairy tale weddings, think of a tiara or jeweled hair accessories. With a luxurious French twist, a bun or short hair, a tiara will give you the fairytale look you want.

Choose a style that compliments your face. Those with oval faces have the least worries. With an oval face, just beware of bangs and having too much hair in your face. With a round face, go for volume and height. Think of an Audrey Hepburn updo. This will help lengthen your face. For square faces, either layered, romantic and wispy, or up and heightened. Look for hair like Jennifer Aniston's when she married Brad Pitt for wispy, and a French twist for an updo. Those with heart-shaped faces can go with a sweep of hair across the brow in whatever style they choose.

Style your hair with your dress in mind. If you are wearing a strapless ball gown, you may want some wisps, or curls of hair falling onto your naked shoulders for a dramatic effect. Also, if you have a long flowing veil, it will look best on long and flowing hair.

Visit, and re-visit, the stylist. Just like when planning for the perfect cake and the perfect dress, leave yourself time for planning the perfect hair. Have your stylist try different looks on you, so you can see the final result in the mirror. Bring all of your hair accessories with you to each trial run. This means any clips, tiaras, or veils that you will be wearing.