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George Michael: Age isn't a factor
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George Michael insists men don't have to 'stop dancing by 48'.

The former Wham! singer is experimenting with dance music on his new album.

George has announced that he will be releasing an album full of house tunes aimed at the gay community.

''m writing new material. I'm writing dance music ' even if I am on the cusp of being too old to be taken seriously to make that music!' He told the UK edition of Hello! Magazine. 'As a gay man, you don't have to stop dancing by 48 ' there's plenty more years to go.'

George revealed that the dance album he is working on will feature lots of remixes of his old hits. Some will be original house tunes that the singer has created.

George's previous hits have been either pop or R'n'B. He is thrilled to be working on something new.

'All that's important to me now is that it's a new direction, because lyrically I want to address issues that gay people face,' he explained.

'The point about house music and dancing with the gay community is you don't stop doing it, because you don't have children to get up for in the morning.'

George has experienced difficulties in his personal life. The singer has battled with drink and drugs and even had a short stint in prison.

George claims this is all in the past now.

''ve got two things in my creative life which I'm equally passionate about ' one is this, as it's something brand new, and as a singer and an interpreter of songs it's the most honest thing I can do,' he explained.


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