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Beautiful hands need beautiful nails
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Looking after your nails is no big deal and well kept natural nails are much classier than false ones. In just 10 minutes you can get perfectly beautiful nails too in the comfort of your own home.

10 minutes to beautiful nails

Begin by filing down the outside of your nail towards the inside, following their natural shape. If you prefer to use nail clippers or small nail scissors with rounded blades, remember that the results will be less precise than with a nail file. There is nothing stopping you, however, from trimming your nails and then filing them afterwards.

Then, leave your fingers to soak in a bowl of soapy water for 3-4 minutes to soften the cuticles. Clean underneath your nails with an orange stick or with a nailbrush. With the help of a cotton wool bud or an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool, push the cuticle back delicately.

Dry your hands and finish the care treatment by applying moisturising cream. You can of course carefully apply nail polish in your colour of choice

10 tips for maintaining beautiful nails

The cardinal rule to keeping great nails and beautiful hands is to protect them. This means:

wearing gloves while washing the dishes or scrubbing the bath
wearing protective gloves/mittens in cold weather
letting a chivalrous man open pesky jam jars, replace telphone batteries.. (to reduce the risk of broken nails)
not subjecting your hands to sudden changes in temperature (hot to cold and back again!)
moisturise, moisturise, moisturise...

In addition to this sacrosanct cardinal rule of protection, here are 10 more tips to make sure your nails go the distance, beautifully!

To maintain perfectly white nails and soften hangnails: massage the nails regularly with lemon quarters.
To get good nail growth: massage the nail with a specially formulated cuticle cream, which smoothes skin and stimulates blood flow.

To revitalise easily broken nails: soak them for ten minutes in lukewarm olive oil twice a week.

To file nails without splitting them: always file in the same direction and go for a nail file which has a polishing side which will finish your nails off gently.

To get naturally shiny nails: polish them with a nail buff. As well as making nails shiny, buffing will stimulate blood flow and thus nail growth.

To boost the health of your nails: eat dairy food, soya, fish and seafood or take vitamin supplements, such as vitamin H capsules, which you can find in most pharmacies.

To avoid getting hangnails: those ugly little bits of skin around the nail, brush them every day using soap enriched with Shea or sweet almond oil.

To rapidly dry your nail polish: put your hands under running cold water two minutes after application.

To give an extra shine to a dark shade of nail polish: finish off your manicure with a layer of natural clear varnish.

To prevent your hands from ageing prematurely: moisturise them morning and night, with the same fervour as you moisturise your face.