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Mariah Carey Reveals Twins, Troubled Pregnancy and Intimate Family Photos
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After a trying pregnancy and a secluded postpartum recovery, Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon revealed their twins to Barbara Walters and the world on Friday night's "20/20."

Moroccan and Monroe or Roc and Roe for short are now six months old and although it's too early to say which famous parent they're taking after more, there was no mistaking the simple joy on her son's curious face when Carey lullabied him for the camera. "I will say that they really respond to music," Carey said, clearly hoping to share the other great love of her life with her children.

For their world debut, Carey dressed Moroccan named after a New York hotel suite where Cannon proposed to Carey in an adorably oversize camel-colored business-y suit. Monroe named after Marilyn, of course was in white gown and matching hair bow.

The road to familial bliss hasn't been an easy one for the world's best-selling diva. After a miscarriage early in their marriage she admits was "really tough," Carey began fertility treatments. After successfully conceiving, she struggled with a physically taxing pregnancy that was most difficult toward the end.

"I had serious back problems," Mariah shared, telling Walters she needed help simply to get out of a chair. "I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to walk properly again. It was a huge strain."

The twins, however, have had a charmed life from the start. As they were brought into the world via C-section on the couple's third-year marriage anniversary, Cannon was playing DJ in the delivery room, spinning a live version of Mariah's own "Fantasy."

Why a concert recording instead of the hit studio version? "The only reason I wanted it to be the live version is because I wanted them to hear the applause upon entering the world," Mariah told Walters.

That could also be considered fair warning for the young Cannons (they have daddy's surname): Those two should probably prepare for a very public upbringing. After all, Friday also found the couple launching, an online photo album of the twins. Highlights include a shot of Mariah cradling one in the swimming pool, Moroccan donning a pair of shades while grasping a toy mic, and another photo of the four of them dressed up as the superhero family from "The Incredibles."

As for the future, Nick has expressed some interest in expanding the family but Mariah says she's done. And considering she's the one who takes care of all the heavy lifting, that's probably the way things will stay.


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