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Only 7% of women love their hair, says study
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Having a bad hair day? You're not alone. Dove surveyed 1,000 women ages 18-65 in the US and found that only 7% of women really love their hair. How sad! That's such a small number considering the amount of time and money we ladies spend on making our hair look awesome. Here are some other stats from the survey:

67% of women say their unpredictable hair has "a mind of its own."

20% of women say that they have skipped a social function because of a bad hair day

45% feel their hair routine is more important than eating breakfast

39% care more about doing their hair than applying makeup

35% would spend extra time on their hair than get extra sleep

58% use at least three hair products a day to style their hair

We know having a great style can make your look, but skipping breakfast for more time with a curling iron? Hell no, we need our nourishment.


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