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Newly Divorced Olivia Wilde Defends Kim Kardashian
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The actress says her own divorce makes her empathize with the reality TV star.

Don't count Olivia Wilde among those signing a petition to boycott Kim Kardashian.

Like Kardashian, the sexy In Time actress, 27, made divorce headlines in 2011. Early in October, Wilde and Italian prince Tao Ruspoli finalized their divorce after eight years of marriage (they separated in February). On Oct. 31, of course, Kardashian, 31, filed for divorce after 72 days of matrimony with Kris Humphries.

"I empathize. It's not easy," Wilde told the New York Post of the reality star's romantic drama at a Tuesday bash in Manhattan.

Indeed, pals told Us Weekly that Kardashian "thinks the world turned against her" in the wake of her quickie split from Humphries, 26. "She feels everyone hates her."

Not Wilde! "[Divorce] is the hardest thing in the world," said the star, who eloped with Ruspoli when she was just 19. (Similarly, Kardashian was also 19 when she married music producer Damon Thomas.)

"People judge you because divorce is seen as failure. [Kim] took a risk. No one should be attacking her," Wilde mused. "Our attention should be focused on things that are truly scandalous."

Source US weekly

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