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Arthur Christmas
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Coming in third in Search, but not by much, is 'Arthur Christmas.' The film, from the folks behind 'Wallace and Gromit,' features the vocal talents of James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, and Jim Broadbent as Santa Claus. The film aims to explain how one man and his elfish assistants can deliver millions of gifts to millions of people all around the world in just one night.

David Germain of the Associated Press notes that the film works for both kids and adults. "The visual gags will carry youngsters along, while there are plenty of clever wisecracks to keep their parents occupied," he writes. Neil Genzlinger from the New York Times calls the film "smart" and "scrappy," and the Hollywood Reporter's Michael Rechtshaffen writes that the computer-animated holiday tale "delivers the holiday goods."

Though it trails 'The Muppets' and 'Hugo' in Search, 'Arthur Christmas' is coming on strong. Web look-ups are up 86% over the past week. As Christmas draws closer, expect interest in the holiday flick to hit its stride.

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