Best foods for healthy, beautiful hair...

Best foods for healthy, beautiful hair

Many of us spend a fortune on expensive hair products for healthier tresses. However, the truth is, beautiful hair starts with our diets. Healthy hair is nourished hair and that means supplying our bodies with the nutrients they need. For shiny, strong and slinky locks, check out these top hair foods to add to your shopping list.

Oily fish
If youre longing for strong, shiny and healthy hair, try adding oily fish such as salmon, trout and sardines to your regular diet. Oily fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for healthy skin and keeping your scalp in good condition. Not only that, oily fish is also loaded with iron which can alleviate hair loss and protein, which is essential for hair growth and strength.

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Whole grains
Many whole grains including brown rice and oats are rich in B vitamins, including biotin (B7), which can help alleviate alopecia and brittle hair. Healthy whole grains such as raw oats are also a good source of silica, which can help reduce hair breakage, and zinc; an important hair mineral which, in its deficiency, can lead to hair loss.

Nuts are high in protein and zinc, and are great for promoting strong and slinky hair. Good nuts to add to your diet include walnuts, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, and Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium. Selenium is not only good for promoting a healthy skin and scalp, but the mineral can also help prevent hair loss.

Yoghurt is rich in calcium which is good for healthy hair growth and is also a great source of protein. The best thing about yoghurt is that it can double up as a hair mask as well as a health food. For those suffering from an itchy scalp or dandruff, try applying some yoghurt straight to your scalp and hair and massaging in. Leave on for 10 minutes for a soothing hair and scalp treatment.

Oysters and shellfish
While oysters may not make a regular appearance on most of our dinner tables, they are actually a great source of many essential hair nutrients. Oysters are not only the richest natural source of zinc, but they are also an excellent source of selenium, iron and protein. Shellfish are also high in these minerals, as well as being a good source of vitamin B12, which is good for healthy hair growth.

Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats, fatty acids and vitamin E, all of which can help promote nourished, supple and strong hair. The healthy fruit is also surprisingly high in protein and rich in B vitamins. To keep hair smooth and shiny, make avocados a part of your regular diet, and try mashing one up and applying directly to your hair as a nourishing hair treatment too.