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How Pitt helped Jolie make screenwriting debut
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Much has been made of Angelina Jolie transitioning from actress to director with her latest feature "In the Land of Blood and Honey," but the pic is also her screenwriting debut.

The 36-year-old tells CNN that at first, she simply wanted to put words to the page.

"I sat down alone just to write something and I just did it in script form as an experiment, as a way of writing," Jolie explained.

But when partner Brad Pitt spied it on her desk, he asked to read it. Then, "he called 'cause he was in Japan and he said, ‘You know honey, it's really not that bad. You should show it to some people."

And so she did, sending her words off to gauge reactions, and soon enough the pieces were falling into place. The next thing she knew, Jolie was directing.

"I didn't know it was going to become a film when I started working on it," Jolie says. "I never intended to direct or become a writer. I'd been traveling for ten years, these issues had been haunting my mind, violence against women, intervention, what happens to human beings when they're just constantly living under the pressures of war and how war changes them."

Pitt, meanwhile, says he's filled with pride. "When she set out to do this, she was intent on telling the story and telling the story with people from the conflict," he tells CNN. "And she was right. It's very, very moving. I'm very proud of her."


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