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4 Ways to give your relationship new life
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If you've been feeling less than loving lately, now is the time to kick your relationship up a notch. Not sure how? We have the strategies to help. Follow our top four tips and make reconnecting with your partner a snap

Touch each other
Seems obvious, right? Well, some couples lose sight of the simple things. So don't discount simple acts of touching when it comes to feeling closer to your partner. This is especially important when you haven't had time for sex or other forms of more extended closeness. Touch is a very effective form of intimacy. Giving your partner hugs, kisses and even small shoulder rubs once in a while helps you to feel that you're physically connected.

Remember your past together
One of the most effective ways to boost your bond when your to-do list starts over-taking your relationship is to reminisce about your shared past. Go to the park where you had your first date, play a song that you used to listen to and dance in the living room, or talk about the memories you had in the first year you were dating, back when the romance was fresh. These things can help you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Tap into shared interests
Having some common interests makes it much easier to stay connected. For instance, if you both love sushi, try taking a sushi making workshop together. Doing activities that are fun and flirty can add something special to your everyday lives and can help you create new memories. The more you can do as a couple, the more opportunities there will be to reconnect on a more regular basis.

Set goals together
Shared ambitions are another must for couples who want to reconnect. Goal setting is by far the most effective way to connect and feel excited about the future. Talk about your financial goals together, your careers, your children (or future children), vacation plans and any other shared dreams you have. Once you've settled on something to work towards as a couple, create a five, 10 or 15 year plan with your partner to accomplish your goal.


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